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Wood and Resin landscape pendants


Hand turned “landscape” wood and resin pendants.  Select your pendant below – no two are the same!


We have a small selection of fantastic cards from the very talented Hollie Childe. Enter your message here, and we will include it with your gift order.

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These wood pendants are individually crafted from Australian red coolabah burr wood.

The resin cast into the outer form of the wood gives the impression of a moutainous landscape when turned and mounted.  Choose from blue, green, red, yellow, purple, “ocean” or “a touch of gold” resin, with every pendant being unique in both form and colouring.

Pendants are approximately 50mm in diameter, and are presented on a 24″ (approx 600mm) leather necklace.  Your wooden pendant will be sent in a card presentation box.

Red, Green, Blue, Purple and Yellow pendants are all translucant, allowing you to see the “landscape” formations within the pendant.  Marine and Touch of Gold have a higher quantity of mica cast in the resin, giving a less translucant pendant, but with a subtle light catching shimmer.