Makers Central

13th/14th May
NEC, Birmingham

Makers Central is an established event bringing together some of the biggest names in the online maker community at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham.

2023 will be the fourth year Makers Central has run, with previous years seeing in the region of 8,000 visitors over the course of the weekend.

This year, I would love to book a stand to promote Twitch streamers across Makers and Crafting, Art and Science to an audience already engaged in Makers content on YouTube and other social media networks. I have asked the Craftsmen’s Guild (discord / twitch team) to help, and would love your help as well.

Over the course of the weekend, we aim to have a continuous raid train through the event hours, feeding into a large display on our stand, along with sticker sheet handouts showcasing Twitch streamers and smaller monitors showing content highlights from as many streamers as we can. We would love for members of the Twitch community to join us at the event to engage with visitors, and introduce them to the amazing community we have on Twitch.

How can you help?

It will cost in the region of £3000 to participate in the show, allowing for stand costs, display and promotional materials and local hotel accommodation. While £3000 is our minimum target cost for running the event, any donations in excess of this will be used to improve on our offering. We need to secure at least 50% of the funding by the end of February in order to meet the booking deadline.


Choosing to pay by card has lower payment processing fees than paying by PayPal.

On a £100 donation, Stripe (pay by card) will take up to £3.10 as a payment processing fee. PayPal will take up to £5.19 as a payment processing fee for the same transaction.

Every £5 donated receives one ticket to a raffle for unfilled sticker spaces. There will be a maximum of one raffle space per person, the available number of spaces will be determined by the size of sticker sheet needed for all of the sold slots.

Donate £10 to include your name on our “Supported by” display on the stand.

Donate £100 to be included on Our Sticker Sheet handout. The sheet will have space for up to 28 50mm x 30mm stickers, with 1,000 sheets being printed for distribution. Each donation of £100 will give you one sticker space to promote the Twitch streamer of your choice (Makers and Crafting/Art/Science streamers only) by including their logo/twitch stream QR code etc, multiple spaces can be used together to create larger stickers.

Donate £500 to include your logo as a sponsor on our stall graphics.

Share your Clips

Most of our display will be content collated from Twitch streams, run as short clips on various monitors on the stand. Please drop any clips on discord that we can use – making, chatting, finished projects are all good, we just want to show a wide range of content in short bursts. We are especially looking for clips that showcase the best of live streaming – such as talking about other streamers you love to watch, or the interaction with the community.

Raid Train

If you are a Twitch Streamer in Makers and Crafting, Art or Science we would love for you to join our event raid train. Makers Central will be open at the following times, and we hope to have live streams to share through the whole event:

Saturday 13th May: 09:30 – 17:30
Sunday 14th May: 09:30 – 16:30

(Times are British Summer Time, GMT + 1)

Makers Auction

We held an online Makers auction and raffle on the 16th of February to help raise funds.

Thank you to everyone who offered items for the auction, which can be viewed below.